We will use this page to update you on current coronavirus measures and what that means for Cedo Nulli's activities.

Update 28th of April

The measures are getting looser again, but of course a lot still isn't possible. Because of that we decided to cancel the study trip and alter some other events such as the trip to Brussels which is always organized by our MIPAS Committee. Now, this will become a scavenger hunt in The Hague. We try to do everything in our power to be able to have some events offline if this can be executed in a safe manner. 

All decisions are being made with the measures of the government and of the university in mind. The relaxation of some of the measurements allowed us to have some offline events again and we hope that we will be able to keep doing this.

Update 2nd of October

After the press conference of last monday (28th of september), we think it is necessary to give you a short update concerning COVID-19 and the (continuation of) activities of Cedo Nulli

Of course, we want to have as many physical activities as possible, but only if it is doable within the guidelines set by the government. Unfortunately, the coming three weeks offline meetings are not an option due to these guidelines. After these three weeks we will rediscuss what we can organize within the (new) guidelines. When it is not possible to carry out an event within the measures taken at that point of time we try to find an online alternative.

At the moment, when we organize an event, the capacity is often limited. This especially concerns/ concerned the offline events, but sometimes it also applies to the online events due to, for example, the capacity of Zoom. Therefore, we now share when registrations open on our social media. In the past month, sometimes the capacity was reached within a matter of minutes. If you are too late, you will be placed on the waiting list and we will contact you once a spot opened up.

Also, events can change at any moment based on, for example, possible changes in the guidelines of that moment. In these cases we will, of course, contact you. Due to sudden changes in guidelines we also plan events less far in advance. So always keep an eye on our socials and our website. We ask for your understanding.

Last but not least, we are trying our hardest to follow all the guidelines. We all know it's difficult, but at the moment it is necessary. Therefore, we encourage you to do the same. Please stay safe and keep each other safe. The sooner we'll see each other again in real life.

If you'd like anymore information or have any questions, you can always send an email to info@cedonulli.nl

Update 16th of August

Just before the revised Eurekaweek starts, we would like to give you another update. Luckily, we will be able to represent our association during the Eurekaweek for the new students in, of course, corona proof conditions. Via this way we will be able to reach out to everybody who is starting his/her new studies. After not organising events for quite a while, we have been able to find a way to organise our General Assembly on the 4th of September at Navigators Studentenverening Rotterdam (NSR). All covid-19 measures applicable at that time will be followed up and that means, of course, that sufficient space is reserved in the room between the seats and that we keep track on the hygiene.

More information about the (online) events of the 36th Board will follow soon, keep an eye on our newsletter or this page and and stick to the covid-19 rules to let them succeed.

Update 1st of August

On the 1st of August the following message was sent to our members in the newsletter:

As said, freedom has increased the past weeks. However, the number of people with the novel Coronavirus has also been increasing again. Among the patients, there is a fair amount of students of the Erasmus University. Therefore, we are sending you this message.

Both the government, as well as the Erasmus University are warning students to conform to the guidelines of the RIVM. This includes:

  • Avoiding busy places and travelling outside of peak hours,
  • Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people outside of your own household,
  • Staying at home if you have any symptoms of the Coronavirus (including: coughing, symptoms of a common cold, an elevated temperature/ a fever, shortness of breath or the loss of taste/ smell),
  • Washing your hands regularly,
  • Coughing/sneezing in your elbow.

If you have any symptoms, contact 0800-1202 to schedule a test as soon as possible.

We know that the guidelines and the virus itself have a big effect on your lives. Normally, you might be on a holiday without a care in the world. You might be having parties and hug your (long distance) friends when you have not seen them in forever due to the workload of your study. It has all been made more difficult and this affects a lot of us both physically as well as mentally. However, we also have to work together to keep ourselves and others safe. Furthermore, not conforming to the guidelines will most probably result in another restriction of the amount of freedom we have at the moment. It will be difficult, but we are convinced that we are able to do this. Hang in there.

Update 8th of June

In the meantime, no more events are planned, because we're almost at the end of this academic year. At this moment, we are planning on organising our online and offline activities for the Eurekaweek. Also, we're in close contact with the faculty to discuss the possibilities and restrictions for physical activities in September and further on. We can say that little by little, more is possible offline. However, we need to be very sure that it's safe for all our members and participants. We'll keep you updated if there are some new online or offline activities planned. 

Update 8th of May

Finally, some measures that are more positive! Eventhough a little more will be allowed from the 11th of May or the 1st of June and July, we are still not able to organise offline actvities. However, keep an eye on this page, the situation changes everyday. We will always consider the possibilities for offline events, whenever the measures allow us to do so. Today, we would like to say: don't expect offline activities in the months of May, June and July. Instead, take a look at our events page for some fun and recreational activities online!
The office will be closed until the end of this academic year until further notice. If you want to reach out to us, call us or send an email via info@cedonulli.nl

Update 30th of April

The measures have been extended until the 20th of May. Unfortunately, this means that the Eurekaweek cannot take place in its usual format and also a lot of Cedo activities cannot be held physically. Now, we're trying our best to provide you with a lot of fun, interesting or educational online events, such as the Bingo, the Study Skills Support training about writing a thesis or the Vegan Foodworkshop. Also, on the 15th of May there will be held a special Study Skills Support training about procrastinating, motivation and active studying during corona. This might be helpful if you want to get some tips and tricks about studying 'all by yourself'.

The office will be closed until the 20th of May until further notice. If you want to reach out to us, call us or send an email via info@cedonulli.nl

Update 19th of March

As new measures have been taken in the Netherlands, we unfortunately had to cancel the Study Trip. The DIES week is cancelled as well and in case we are able to find a replacement date for the DIES week, we will inform you about this. 
The office will be closed until the 6th of April until further notice. If you want to reach out to us, send us an email via info@cedonulli.nl.

The message below is sent to our members on friday 13th of March

For English see below

Beste leden,

Gezien de omstandigheden hebben wij helaas moeten besluiten om alle evenementen in de maand maart af te gelasten. Wij zullen ons best doen om waar mogelijk deze evenementen te verplaatsen. Het gaat om de volgende evenementen:

  • Bestuursinformatiesessie
  • Financiële informatiesessie
  • Maandelijkse borrel
  • Algemene Leden Vergadering
  • Cedo Hero Party
  • NMUN-reis
  • Filmscreening Alicia
  • Excursie verslavingskliniek

Wij hebben hiervoor gekozen omdat we de geldende maatregelen willen naleven betreffende het niet samenkomen met meer dan 100 personen en ook vanwege het besluit van de Erasmus Universiteit om geen fysiek onderwijs meer te bieden aan kleinere onderwijsgroepen.

Wij betreuren dit ten zeerste, maar gezien de omstandigheden zien wij geen andere oplossing. Daarnaast wijzen wij jullie ook graag op het volgende: we raden jullie het samenkomen in groepen af, hieronder vallen ook de commissievergaderingen. Het kantoor zal ook gesloten zijn tot en met 31 maart en rond 1 april verwachten wij jullie opnieuw te kunnen informeren over de nieuwe ontwikkelingen.

De evenementen van april gaan tot nader orde gewoon door. We houden de situatie in de gaten en mocht hier iets aan veranderen, dan brengen we jullie zo snel mogelijk op de hoogte.

Mochten jullie hier vragen over hebben, dan vernemen wij dat graag.

Namens het 35e bestuur,

Ruud Reijenga


Dear members,

Given the circumstances, we unfortunately had to decide to cancel all events in the month of March. We will do our best to move these events, where possible. It concerns the following events:

  • Board information session
  • Financial information session
  • Monthly drink
  • General Assembly
  • Cedo Hero Party
  • NMUN trip
  • Film screening Alicia
  • Excursion addiction institution

We have made this decision, because we want to comply with the applicable measures regarding the non-gathering of more than 100 people and we also take into account the decision of the Erasmus University to stop offering physical education to smaller groups.

We deeply regret this but given the circumstances we see no other solution. In addition, we would also like to point out the following to you: we do not recommend meeting in groups, this includes committee meetings. The office will also be closed until March 31st and around April 1st we expect to be able to inform you again about the new developments.

The events in April will continue until further notice. We will keep an eye on the situation and if anything changes, we will inform you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

On behalf of the 35th board,

Ruud Reijenga