Dear student,

These are crazy times! We’re all working and studying at home, there are no events and you can’t see your friends the way you want to. That’s of course very unfortunate, but we as the 35th board are planning to make the most out of it!

Our study groups cannot continue in the original forms, but we can certainly offer them online for you! Online via Zoom you can follow a study group on the date and time indicated. As we would like to accommodate all students of the ESSB, we decided to make the study groups free for everyone. This includes non-members as well.

Just like you're used to, you can only register via our website. Non-members can create a guest account.

Practical information:
- There is room for 100 students in the study group, so make sure you subscribe on time!
- Create a Zoom account and download the program on your computer in order for you to have easy access to the study group.
- You can join the study group without video and audio.
- You can send in your questions during the study group via chat. The tutor will answer these at a time that he / she deems fit.
- You will receive the link to access the Zoom meeting in your inbox rightaway. Ten minutes before the study group takes place, the meeting will be opened. If you have downloaded the program, you will be redirected to this program via the link.
- If you cannot attend the study group because you’re in a different time zone, please send an email to

In this way we hope to be able to still help you prepare for your exam! If you have any questions, please send them to