Every year Cedo Nulli travels with a big group of students from our faculty to different places within Europe. Our Study Trip committee is making this trip a big success every year. The week is always filled with great activities related to your study, the culture there and of course also some great partying.

Follow us for our next destination! See our previous destinations below:

2023: Prague, Czech-Republic
2022: Budapest, Hungary
2021: Berlin, Germany (cancelled due to the Coronavirus)
2020: Zagreb, Croatia (cancelled due to the Coronavirus)
2019: Warsaw, Poland
2018: Florence, Italy
2017: Budapest, Hungary
2016: Prague, Czech Republique
2015: Madrid, Spain
2014: Bucharest, Romania
2013: Edinburgh, Scotland  
2012: Prague, Czech Republique
2011: Budapest, Hungary
2010: Istanbul, Turkey