The GA (in Dutch: ALV), also known as the "General Assembly" (In Dutch: “Algemene Ledenvergadering”) is the highest body of our study association and consists of all members of Cedo Nulli.

The GA is held at least three times a year; at the start of the academic year, in December, and halfway through the academic year. At a GA the Cedo Nulli board gives an account of their activities over the past months, there is the possibility to ask questions and members can give suggestions to the board. At the GA in September the board changes. The old board is discharged and the new board is installed. Every member of Cedo Nulli is welcome at the GA. Members have the right to ask questions, to introduce resolutions and to vote. Exceptions are named in the Statutes of the association and in the Household Regulations.

Our informative video about the GA

A Guide to The General Assembly