Podcast 2 - Dreaming


Every night, when we close our eyes, our mind comes up with images, ideas and emotions. Either you remember them or not, Dreaming is something we all do. But what is the function of our dreams? Do they have an underlying message, and if so, how can we find them? In this podcast Dr. Virginia Bennett & Erin Amundson will tell you more about their experience using dreams in the field of psychological therapy. Together, they will listen to some dream recordings and talk about their approach in analysing them. Is this the future? Can we use our dreams to replace traditional approaches in psychotherapy?

We are happy to announce the release of our third project! 'Dreaming' our second podcast is now available on Cedo Nulli's Spotify (Cedo Nulli: The Podcast)! 

Enjoy listening & Sleep tight 

Love, MediaCom