Terms & Conditions

As a member of Cedo Nulli, there’s several terms and conditions that have to do with you:

Terms and Conditions of Faculty Association Cedo Nulli

Publisher: Faculty Association Cedo Nulli, hereinafter referred to as: “Cedo Nulli”

Article 1. Definitions

Words used in these Terms and Conditions commencing with a capital letter, singular or plural, have the meaning as defined in the article below.

1.1 Terms and Conditions: these terms and conditions.

1.2 Cedo Nulli: Faculty Association for the students at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This faculty encompasses the studies of Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogical Sciences, Public Administration,  Management of International Social Challenges and Erasmus University College.

The contact information of Cedo Nulli is as follows:

Visiting address: Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, T15-03
Postal address: PO box 1738, 3000DR Rotterdam
Phone number: (010) 408 1798
E-mail address: info@cedonulli.nl
Website: www.cedonulli.nl
Chamber of Commerce: 40343328, Rotterdam
Tax-number: NL8155.93.673B01

1.3. Board: The daily Board of Cedo Nulli, charged with executing the prime goals of the association as defined in the Articles of the association and the execution of decisions made by the General Assembly. Furthermore, they are responsible for coordinating the organisation of activities within the association. Within the Board the following positions exist: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Internal Relations Officer, Marketing Officer, Education Officer, and Commercial Relations Officer.

1.4. Articles: The ground rules and definitions that are at the base of Cedo Nulli. These ground rules and definitions have been notarised and are retrievable from both the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam and the Board.

1.5. General Assembly (GA): The General Assembly of Cedo Nulli. During the GA the policy of Cedo Nulli is discussed and evaluated. Further definitions regarding the GA can be found in the Definitions and Bylaws of Cedo Nulli, which are retrievable from the secretary of Cedo Nulli (secretary@cedonulli.nl).

1.6. Registration Procedure: the procedure a person has to go through to subscribe to Cedo Nulli as a member and the procedure to sign up for activities and actions organised by Cedo Nulli.

1.7. Subscriber: the persons that goes through the Registration Procedure.

1.8. Member: person who after filling in and signing the membership form becomes a part of Cedo Nulli.

1.9. Committee: a workgroup, assigned by the Board of Cedo Nulli, with a specific target that is in line with the goals of Cedo Nulli.

1.10. Cedo Nulli Office: Room T15-03 in the Mandeville Building at Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam.

1.11. Activity: an event organised by the Board or by one of the Committees of Cedo Nulli.

1.12. Supervisor: A person, assigned by the Board of Cedo Nulli, assigned to the task of supervising a certain activity or event organised by Cedo Nulli.

1.13. Membership Fee: the annual fee that every member has to pay to Cedo Nulli, of which the amount is decided during the General Assembly.

1.14. Participant fee: the financial contribution that is asked from Members for participating in specific activities organised by Cedo Nulli.

1.15. Participant: a person who completes the Registration Procedure for an activity and takes part in this activity.

1.16 Partners: Parties outside Cedo Nulli who cooperate with Cedo Nulli and/or organise activities together with Cedo Nulli.

Article 2. General provisions

2.1. Membership is personal and non-transferable.

2.2. Cedo Nulli is at all times authorised to transfer its rights and duties with regard to Members.

2.3. Cedo Nulli is at all times authorised to change the Terms and Conditions. Each member will be notified of any changes within a period of four weeks.

2.4. Cedo Nulli is at all times authorised to suspend or end the Membership of a Member when Cedo Nulli sees this as appropriate with regard to the terms as defined in the Articles.

2.5. The general provisions as stated above are additional to the Articles and Bylaws of Cedo Nulli.

Article 3. Application

3.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements, (delivery of) services, (delivery of) goods, documents, newsletters, digital and physical mailings, the website, the Registration Procedure as well as legal transactions between Parties.

3.2. Terms and Conditions different than those of Cedo Nulli are excluded.

Article 4. Membership of Cedo Nulli

4.1. Membership of Cedo Nulli runs from the date of registration until the 31st of August of each calendar year.

4.2. Membership of Cedo Nulli is automatically prolonged by a year each 31st of August.

4.3. Every student enrolled at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the Erasmus University Rotterdam had the possibility to register as a Member with Cedo Nulli.

4.4. Registration is only possible by completely and correctly filling in and signing the membership form. This can be done through the website.

4.5. Each member is obligated to pay the annual fee to Cedo Nulli, which has been set by the GA and can only be adjusted through the GA. The height of the fee can be found on the website of Cedo Nulli. These payment happen through automatic bank transfer. If this doesn’t succeed, per manual bank transfer. In case of any changes, all members shall be notified within four weeks of the decision.

4.6. Membership can be terminated on each moment before the 31st of August. When the membership has not been terminated before this date, it will automatically be prolonged by a year. This means that the Member is also required to pay a contribution for the coming year.

4.7. Membership can only be terminated per e-mail (to secretary@cedonulli.nl). The Membership is officially terminated once the Member receives a written confirmation of the termination.

4.8. Cedo Nulli or one of its partners can always ask for identification through student card or student number when a member wants to make use of the services provided by Cedo Nulli.

4.9. Cedo Nulli offers activities to members and non-members. When a person wants to join in an activity, Cedo Nulli has the right to ask for a financial compensation from the Participant. The provisions in article 6 of these Terms and Agreements apply to participation in activities.

4.10. Cedo Nulli is at all times authorised to exclude members and/or non-members from activities, based on compelling reasons.

Article 5. Privacy

5.1. The personal data in the membership database of Cedo Nulli are covered by the General Data Protection Regulation. This personal data is only used for member activities and will not be distributed to third parties. Click here​ to read the privacy declaration.

Article 6. Activities organised by or with Cedo Nulli

6.1. Participation in Activities organised by or with Cedo Nulli is fully at own risk. The Board nor supervisors appointed by the Board accept any responsibility for loss or damage of property of Participants or physical injury of the Participant.

6.2. By registering for an Activity a Participant accepts an obligation of payment.

6.3. Participants are always obligated to follow instructions from the Board, Board-appointed supervisors or personnel.

6.4. It is not allowed for participants to bring drugs or any other illegal substances or objects to activities organised by or with Cedo Nulli. The Board reserves the right to remove Participants from activities who do not comply with this provision.

6.5. Participants are at all times responsible for their own behaviour during Activities organised by or with Cedo Nulli. This responsibility continues when the Participant is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or similar substances.

6.6. Participants are at all times responsible for their behaviour regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other illegal objects or substances.

6.7. Cedo Nulli does not accept responsibility for behaviour or damage coming forth from the unlawful use of abovementioned objects and substances.

6.8. Cedo Nulli is not responsible for the behaviour of Participants, even if this behaviour results in damage. Damage encompasses both material damage (to materials of third parties or own materials) and immaterial damage or physical injury.

6.9. When a Participant causes damage in any form, the Board reserves the right to remove this Participant from an activity. When responsibility can be proven, the potential costs of the damage will be reclaimed on the responsible Participant(s).

6.10. With withdrawal of participation up to 72 hours before an Activity the Participant will be refunded for their Participation Fee, minus already made costs.

6.11. Withdrawal of participation within 72 hours of the activity will happen without restitution. When cancellation happened because of cases of force majeure, the Participant can make a request for restitution at Cedo Nulli.

Article 7. Trips

7.1. Participation in trips organised by Cedo Nulli is fully at own risk. The Board nor the Board-appointed supervisors accept any responsibility for loss or damage of properties of Participants.

7.2. The provisions made in article 6 also apply to trips organised by Cedo Nulli.

7.3. Participants on a trip are individually responsible for having suitable travel or cancellation insurance.

7.4. Withdrawal of participation will happen without restitution of the Participants Fee. When cancellation happened because of cases of force majeure, the Participant can make a request for restitution at Cedo Nulli.

7.5. Participants that cause hindrance in such a way that it complicates the continuation of the trip can be excluded from participation in the remainder of the trip. Any costs resulting from this decision have to be paid by the Participant.

7.6. Participants on a trip organised by Cedo Nulli have the responsibility to provide all the correct information as requested by Cedo Nulli. Cedo Nulli is not responsible for consequences resulting from the provision of incorrect information.

7.7. Participants on a trip are personally responsible for bringing the correct means of identification, as required in the country of destination.

Article 8. Disputes

8.1. When a dispute arises between Cedo Nulli and a Member, both parties will consult each other about the best way to resolve the dispute. When this does not show to be a realistic possibility, the dispute will be submitted to the appropriate judicial court.

Article 9. Complaints

9.1. Complaints should be handed in per e-mail, by phone or in writing to be taken into consideration. The complaint should encompass the reason of the complaint and a proposal to reach a solution. The Board of Cedo Nulli will declare the complaint grounded within fourteen workdays, if there is a solid basis for the complaint. If the Board is unable to directly declare the complaint grounded, they will contact the person who filed the complaint to discuss the case.

​Article 10. Alcohol, Drugs and Behaviour Policy

​This policy applies to all activities organized by Cedo Nulli.

10.1 Participants are at any time obliged to follow the orders of the Cedo Nulli Board and/or by the Board-designated responsible people and/or present staff.

10.2 Alcohol will be tolerated during Cedo Nulli activities, provided that it’s appropriate concerning the activity. When a certain location does not tolerate the use of alcohol, it is not allowed. When the Board decides to prohibit the use of alcohol during a specific activity, every present member has to respect this decision. To consume alcohol, a person needs to be at least 18 years old. When somebody’s age is doubted, verification can be asked for. It is not allowed to consume alcohol when you are younger than 18. When underage students do consume alcohol, the alcohol will be confiscated and an official warning will be given. In the most extreme case, the Board can decide to exclude students from the activity.

10.3 Members are at all times responsible for their own (extent of) alcohol use. Cedo Nulli cannot be held accountable for this.

10.4 Unlike alcohol, it is never allowed to bring and/or use any other drugs and/or illicit substances or objects to activities that are organized by Cedo Nulli.

10.5 Undesirable or unwelcome (sexual) behaviour directed at other members and/or outsiders is not tolerated.

10.6 When one or more of these provisions are being infringed, an official warning will be given. When this warning is not respected, exclusion of the activity will take place. In the most extreme case, the Board can decide on suspension of the Cedo Nulli membership. Dependent on the severity of the situation, the Board will decide on the consequences. The Board always has the right to apply additional consequences than those mentioned in this policy.

Article 11. Additional provisions

Cedo Nulli reserves the right to make changes to all the above mentioned terms and agreements, and to apply extra conditions to activities in which the abovementioned terms and agreements do not suffice. Participants will be notified in that case.