Cedo Nulli is the study association of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Management of International Social Challenges, Pedagogical Sciences, and Erasmus University College) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

We have over 2600 members and at least 110 active members, organising activities for students as a part of a committee. Over the last few years and in the coming years, both our faculty and Erasmus University Rotterdam as a whole have been working on appealing to a more international audience. More and more programs, bachelor and master, are being taught in English, attracting international students from all over the globe. We as Cedo Nulli want to be the study association for the whole faculty, not just the Dutch-speaking part of it. That is why we are planning on becoming more internationally orientated, with activities and information in English.

What are the benefits of joining Cedo Nulli?

At Cedo Nulli we organize many different events, to help you with your study, orientate on your career and most of all make sure you have lots of fun!

There is something for everyone:

  • Study sessions before tests, led by students who have already taken that class and can help you prepare for it, all free for members.

  • Special freshmen activities to make sure freshmen can find a home in Cedo Nulli.

  • Lots of fun trips, like the ski trip, the study trip and our Destination Unknown weekend, where you won’t discover the location until the very last moment.

  • Sports and activities, like survivalling or surfing at the beach of Rotterdam.

  • Mastergroups, where masters can orientate on their career while connecting with alumni.

  • Lots of awesome parties for the party animals among us. Past parties have been halloween themed or been thrown on a boat!

  • Educative and fun excursions and workshops related to your field of study.

  • Monthly drinks to chill and mingle with your fellow students.

  • And many more awesome events!

We also have committees for those who want to be more actively involved in our association and help organize all these fun events. However if you prefer to be less involved and just join an event on occasion, that is totally fine. 

At Cedo Nulli nothing is mandatory, but we love having you at every event!

Sign up for our association through this link: https://cedonulli.nl/forms/new-member